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  • 04/2019 Unisono’s innovative value proposition

    Unisono celebrates 20 years in the market and the Client Relationship Team wanted to interview Sandra Gibert, General Director of the Group, to talk about its evolution in the market throughout the years.

    Client Relations: What is the key to the success of the company staying in the market so long and being so prosperous?

    Sandra Gibert: The hallmark of the company is working to put the customer in the centre. That is one of the keys. The fact that we are all focused on the client, on improving their satisfaction, giving the best possible service, making sure we never make mistakes.

    Another key is the team of professionals who form Unísono. We work with the best, and that makes the level of involvement, effort and commitment very high. And this is reflected in the service provided to our customers.

    In addition, we cannot forget to highlight our company’s values. We have always enhanced long-term relationships, being very transparent, honest and trustworthy, making innovative value proposals that help our clients to transform their services. It is always positive for the client to see that we are one step ahead. 

    Client relations: How has the growth of the company been managed, both in terms of personnel and work volume?

    Sandra Gibert: Throughout the years we have been dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure success. We celebrated 20 years with a very solid team. In fact, several of the people in Unisono today, have been with us for the entire 20years. There are many people who have been with the company for 15 and 18 years. This has allowed us to have the basics very consolidated and be able to work successfully with the innovations that are being proposed.

    (The complete interview in Spanish can be read in this pdf of number 80 of Mag Customer Relationship). 

  • 03/2019 Unisono is commited to gender equity

    In commemoration of March 8th, International Women's Day, Unísono Group highlights its struggle for inclusion and gender equality and demonstrates this through its figures that speak of a company where women represent 76% of the workforce.

    Unísono is a company where women have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and management skills, for this reason 74% of the management positions are occupied by women and they also represent 75% of the members of the Management Committee.

    85% of the workforce has an indefinite term contract and of this 77% corresponds to women.

    Equity is the result of impartial treatment and of providing the same opportunities for men and women, that's why there is no salary gap in Unísono Group.

  • 10/2018 Unisono receives the CRC Gold Award for Best Outsourcer in Retention and Loyalty for Iberdrola

    On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, took place at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium and coinciding with the celebration of Customer Relationship Expo, the most relevant event of the Customer Relations Center industry. The CRC Gold Awards Ceremony to the "EXCELLENCE in Customer Service", which this year celebrates its 20th edition. These awards are granted by the AEERC (Spanish Association of Customer Relations Centers) in collaboration with Ifaes (organizers of the Expo) and IZO, The Experience Design Company.

    José Francisco Rodríguez, President of the AEERC, and María Luisa Merino, Manager of the AEERC, were in charge of officially opening the gala and making visible to the attendees the good results of this year, reflecting an industry that despite not getting the deserved recognition, has an undeniable weight in the economy and the employability of the country.

    José Francisco Rodríguez, President of the Association, highlighted the importance of leadership and thanked all the actors who have made possible these 20 editions of the awards who will support their constant growth and recognition.

    In this edition Unisono has been granted for the second consecutive year the CRC Gold Award for Best Outsourcer in Retention and Loyalty for its client Iberdrola.

    We are also very proud of the awards received by our clients, for services managed by Unisono.

    CRC Gold Award for Best Service in the B2C Telephone Channel for companies that serve a volume of interactions greater than 2 million: Banco Santander.

    CRC Gold Award for Best Service in the B2C Telephone Channel for companies that serve a volume of interactions of less than 2 million: Daba / Nespresso.

    CRC Gold Award for Best Service in the B2B Telephone Channel: Iberdrola.

    CRC Gold Award for the Best Attention in Telephone Sales: Banco Santander.

    The event was closed by José Serrano, CEO of IZO, who congratulated all the attendees for their commitment to the "EXCELLENCE in Customer Service" implied by their participation in the CRC Gold Awards.

    In short, the evening was a source of pride and proved of the relevance of these awards to Excellence in Customer Service.

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  • 09/2018 Unisono renews its Emilio Muñoz site

    We are proud of our General Services Department´s accomplishment in renewing our site located in Emilio Muñoz (Madrid).

    We achieved our goal of deploying a great environment that provides an enhanced Employee Experience. Our site is adapted to our team members´ needs and increases comfort in day to day activities.

    Project´s highlights are better lighting, a more welcoming environment and larger spaces to share and generate a culture of well-being that promotes physical and emotional health.

  • 09/2018 María Sola Lasso, new Commercial and Marketing Director of Unisono

    Unisono appointed María Sola Lasso as Commercial and Marketing Director. In her new role, she will be responsible for coordinating the Group's commercial and brand strategy in all markets, managing the company's business development activity to expand the client portfolio to maximize results in line with the annual objectives established by the Company.

    María began her professional activity in Unisono in 2007 as Head of Organization and Development in the ​​Human Resources department. In June 2014, she was promoted to Director of Marketing and Commercial Intelligence, a position she held for three years. In July 2017, María was appointed Director of Loyalty and Marketing, a position she has held until now.

    Prior to joining Unisono, María worked as a consultant for Soluziona and KPMG, managing projects for large companies such as AENA, Telefónica, Mahou, Saint Gobain and Peugeot, among others.

    The new Director of Commercial and Marketing holds a degree in Political Science and Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in Quality Management from the School of Industrial Organization. She also holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration Management from the Complutense University of Madrid as well as a Master in Human Resources Management and Organization by AEDE.

  • 07/2018 Unisono hosts the 1st Cepsa Customer Support Conference

    On July 11, the 1st Cepsa Customer Support Conference took place at the headquarters of Unisono, the objective of the meeting was to analyze trends in customer management and the analysis of services provided in each Business Unit.

    More than 30 people attended the conference, including Álvaro Díaz, Commercial General Director and Alejandro Bautista, Responsible for Omnichannel Client Relationship, both at Cepsa, as well as María del Pino Velázquez, President and Sandra Gibert, General Director at Unisono.

    The agenda included the evaluation of contact center services, management model, focus group and analysis of best practices in the sector. The evaluation of the day has been very positive and both companies are preparing the 2nd Conference.


  • 07/2018 Unisono committed for a decade with project "Discatel"

    Unisono received a commemorative plaque for its commitment to the social responsibility project of the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relations (AEERC) "Discatel" in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

    The project, that aims to raise awareness among management in the integration of people with disabilities, awarded partners who have made possible the inclusion of more than 1,150 people in the labor market.

    Unisono has taken on the challenge of eliminating integration obstacles and promoting the potential of people with disabilities and their insertion in the labor market, which is the main objective of the "Discatel" project. This plaque is a recognition to those who have demonstrated the technical possibility and the economic and social profitability of the work done in contact centers by handicapped.



  • 06/2018 Danone and Unisono awarded with Best Customer Experience in Industry sector

    Danone and Unisono have been awarded in the ninth edition of the Platinum Contact Center Awards 2017 with the Best Customer Experience in Industry sector at the event held on June 28 at Teatro de Goya in Madrid, Spain.

    Evolution achieved in this service has been one of the keys of this recognition, the management of a singular service where the language map, telesales, automation and flexibility are key.

    For Unisono, this award recognizes the team of professionals who show their daily commitment to improving the services managed by the Company.

  • 06/2018 Unisono receives the Verint Award for the successful optimization of Workforce Management tool in its Contact Center and BPO services

    Unisono has been recognized by Verint for the successful optimization of the Workforce Management tool in its Contact Center and BPO services.

    Thanks to this tool, Unisono achieves greater efficiency in the management of operations with its customers. It transforms employee experience offering flexibility and transparency with shift management and desired mobility, fostering team motivation.

    The award was presented on June 21 at an event organized by Verint at Hotel Urban in Madrid; this recognition was collected by Laura Bernardo Vicente, Director of Planning and Strategic Projects of the Group.

    Thanks to this award Unisono contends for the European Prize to be awarded in the framework of the Verint Engage EMEA Customer Award Dinner event, which will be held on November 29 in the United Kingdom.

  • 01/2018 EDP and Unisono share the keys to excellence in customer service

    More than 200 people participated in an event about excellence in customer service organized by EDP and Unísono at La Laboral theatre in Gijón, Spain. This activity has been the meeting point for employees of both companies where they could share experiences and good practices in the telephone service.

    The director of the commercial cycle B2C and Customer Service Department of EDP Spain, Javier Vázquez, opened the session highlighting "the importance of this type of actions, which is very necessary to carry out the balance and communicate the company's strategy in attention to the client ". Likewise, the managing directors of the Unisono Group, Sandra Gibert; and the client director, Iván Rubio have participated in the session. Both have appreciated the trust placed by EDP on 14 years of collaboration.

    During the day, EDP presented the challenges and objectives for 2018 in the telephone channel, which focuses on optimizing high levels of quality and excellence in customer service. In addition, he has presented several customer service projects. One of the most outstanding for 2018 is focused on the evolution of its digital channels, to adapt to the needs of customers.

    Also, four agents of the Gijón telephone center were awarded in the activity, taking into account the assessment of the clients to the agents, as well as the results of an external audit. The award-winning agents are María Sanjurjo, for her excellence in customer service; Virginia Rodríguez, as the best agent in telemarketing campaigns; Beatriz González, for the best time of call management and Ana Belén Gago, for being the agent that has obtained the most in the free electronic management service.

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