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  • 01/2018 EDP and Unisono share the keys to excellence in customer service

    More than 200 people participated in an event about excellence in customer service organized by EDP and Unísono at La Laboral theatre in Gijón, Spain. This activity has been the meeting point for employees of both companies where they could share experiences and good practices in the telephone service.

    The director of the commercial cycle B2C and Customer Service Department of EDP Spain, Javier Vázquez, opened the session highlighting "the importance of this type of actions, which is very necessary to carry out the balance and communicate the company's strategy in attention to the client ". Likewise, the managing directors of the Unisono Group, Sandra Gibert; and the client director, Iván Rubio have participated in the session. Both have appreciated the trust placed by EDP on 14 years of collaboration.

    During the day, EDP presented the challenges and objectives for 2018 in the telephone channel, which focuses on optimizing high levels of quality and excellence in customer service. In addition, he has presented several customer service projects. One of the most outstanding for 2018 is focused on the evolution of its digital channels, to adapt to the needs of customers.

    Also, four agents of the Gijón telephone center were awarded in the activity, taking into account the assessment of the clients to the agents, as well as the results of an external audit. The award-winning agents are María Sanjurjo, for her excellence in customer service; Virginia Rodríguez, as the best agent in telemarketing campaigns; Beatriz González, for the best time of call management and Ana Belén Gago, for being the agent that has obtained the most in the free electronic management service.

  • 12/2017 Unisono opens a new operations center in Gijón

    Unisono Group has opened an innovative center in Gijón to respond to the business growth in the north of Spain and the needs of Liberbank and other current customers.

    With this new center, the company becomes the only contact center service provider of Liberbank, a financial institution of reference in the markets of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura and will expand its operational capacity and immediate response to growth forecasts in the province.

    The center has 200 seats and the team that manages the Liberbank operation has commercial skills, qualified for banking management with high transactional complexity. The operation is led by Miguel Villaescusa, Sales and Marketing Director; Consuelo Rodríguez-Moreiras, Chief Operations Officer; Diego Lago, North Operations Director and Iván Rubio, Client Director of Unisono. 

  • 12/2017 Unisono in Engage EMEA Customer Conference 2017

    Unisono Group participated in the Verint Systems Europe EMEA Customer Conference, Engage 2017, where was nominated to Verint Awards for its successful implementation of the workforce Management Tool Sytem.

    The event, hosted in The Landmark London on 30th of November, was dedicated to Verint customers and offered a space of networking opportunities, technology showcase, presentations and more.

    Unisono thanks Verint for giving it the opportunity to attend to this annual event and for the nomination in the EMEA level, after the recognition received as pioneer company in Spain and Europe on using WFM Impact 360 tool to task forecasting, scheduling and in the billing and payroll system. 

  • 11/2017 María Del Pino Velázquez, Unisono Group Chairwoman, recognized in the European CEO Awards

    The chairwoman and founder of Unisono Group, María Del Pino Velázquez has been awarded as the best CEO Entrepreneur in the Business Services Industry within the European CEO Awards.

    The European CEO Awards are one of the most renowned awards of the business industry all over the world. There are organized by the European CEO Magazine, leader in its sector, headquartered in the United Kingdom and holds subscribers in 28 countries.  

    "I feel especially proud of this award because it is the recognition of the work of an unbeatable team of professionals who have accompanied me since the founding of this Company. Our sector is more competitive every day and this forces us to manage each project with greater precision and make a difference; personally, I think the greatest achievement is having been able to keep this team offering the highest levels of quality for so long "; these are the words of María Del Pino Velázquez upon receiving the award. 

  • 11/2017 Want to know what Alegría group is?

    It is a team of Unisono UK founded to create a positive and engaging workplace environment, in addition to maximizing results and to encourage collaboration with the community.

    Alegría group is formed by employees that coordinate different projects, which can be from integration activities, charity events, and other ways of making the workplace a better place.

    This iniciative is based in Unisono´s value of passion for people and the motto ¨Happy people in a great environment get amazing results¨. 

  • 11/2017 Unisono shares ING's achievement

    The awards to our clients make us feel proud. We congratulate ING for its achievement as the best customer service in online banking, recognition received in the 7th edition of the "Contest of Leaders in Service".

    Contest of Leaders in Service celebrates the work carried out in customer service in 20 categories, highlighting the quality of the service provided through different remote channels. It is organized by Sotto Tempo Advertising, a consultancy whose main objective is to promote innovation and quality of customer services in companies and make the recognition of consumers and users available to companies.

    By obtaining this award, ING certifies its leadership in the sector and is credited as the most valued company in customer service in online banking channel in 2017 and during 2018. For Unisono it is a pleasure to share this joy with ING and to be part of such a competitive project.

  • 10/2017 Unisono opens its third site in Bogotá

    Unisono inaugurated a new site at 72nd street with career 13th in Bogotá in order to expand its operational capacity and meet the local growing demand for services of its customers.

    With these offices, it is already the third site inaugurated in Colombia, thanks to the growth of the company which is one of the main goals of the multinational for 2018, and strengthen the infrastructure in the country, to respond to business opportunities that have risen due to the market’s evolution.

    The new center has 51 initial seats and a growth outlook up to 161. 

  • 10/2017 Unisono participates the Customer experience Congress, CEC 2017

    Unisono took part in the fifth edition of the Customer Experience Congress, CEC 2017, organized by the magazine Dir & Ge Executive Network, with a conference by Miguel Villaescusa, Sales and Marketing Director.

    Its title ¨Keys to the future of customer management ¨, opened a window for his predictions that it would be clients who will determine the percentage of human interaction in each channel within the contact center.  Robots, process automation in the front and self-service technology will be the future of customer service, but human interaction will be irreplaceable. In addition to that customer experience is a catalyst for companies’ digital transformation.

    CEC 2017 is a Spanish business space of reference to know the latest trends and share knowledge with experts from customer experience and senior management professionals.

    The event was attended by more than 200 business managers, both online and offline industries, with the pourpose of sharing successful strategies and discover how to generate brand loyalty and differentiation based on the customer experience. 

  • 10/2017 Unisono Group receives two awards in CRC Gold Awards 2017

    Once again, Unisono Group has been recognized in the CRC Gold Awards. The awards ceremony took place in Madrid and rewards excellence in the customer service industry.

    This year, the work done for two large companies, such as Danone and Iberdrola, has given to Unisono Group, on one side the Gold CRC "Best outsourcer of BPO service" and, on the other, the Gold CRC to "Best Outsourcer of Retention and Loyalty ".Throughout this year, Unisono has sought for both companies to be an ally, contributing to their innovation process, with a clear focus on continuous improvement of quality and resolution, as key elements of the customer experience.

    "The evolution of the service has been very positive to improve customer loyalty and, in addition, it complements the commercial activity that is carried out. Every time an IBERDROLA contact center service wins a prize, it makes us feel not only proud, but also full of certainty of having chosen a partner that lives up to our standards, as Unísono has been during these years, "said Manuel Solé, head of the non-presence channels department of Iberdrola Spain.

    Juan Luis Flores, director of the distribution network of Danone, said: "For us, it has been a great challenge to transform our own project of centralizing the telesales orders. We are pioneers in our sector in this we have created. The key to Danone was finding a partner who understood our DNA, where we wanted to go and also where it hurt. After integrating all the sale points in Spain for a year, we are at a point where we want to optimize, innovate and find excellent quality with a zero errors approach, and we are already working with Unison to make it happen. "

    The following Unisono clients were also recognized: Banco Santander, Nespresso, EDP, IBERDROLA and Endesa.

  • 08/2017 Six months of activity at Unisono UK

    We have just celebrated our six months of activity at Unisono’s UK site. As a way of making this birthday special the company has given awards to outstanding employees in different categories:

    Ongoing support Compliance - Jay Tonner

    Top Performer Complaints - Helen Davidson

    Top Sales Advisor SME - Heather Wilson

    Top Sales Advisor OB - Kevin Allan

    0% Cancellations - Ryan Cook

    First Sale in Training Group 17th July - Angela Marshall

    First Sale in Training Group 26th June - Christine Webster

    Congratulations to all of them who are doing a great effort to make relevant Unisono’s work to deliver an excellent customer experience to local clients. These employees have certainly highlighted the company’s values such as flexibility, passion for details, integrity, and customer centricity among others.

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