Our management philosophy makes us stand out in what is a highly competitive sector. How do we translate that philosophy? By applying the concepts of precision, constant improvement and innovation to each and every one of our services. All of this is possible thanks to the professionals who work at Intelcia.

Our capacity for investment and growth has made all the difference over the years. We have invested in corporate tools such as Workforce Management and Business Analytics, and we have created a specific innovation area for our clients.

We have an extensive client portfolio that is diversified according to different countries and activities, Currently Intelcia has over 300 clients who trust in us.

The Intelcia Group has a workforce of 35,000 globally and 9,000 professionals in the region of Spain, Chile, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

One of the keys to our success is the team of professionals who form Intelcia.One of the keys to our success is the team of professionals who form Intelcia.

We work with the best and that makes the level of involvement, effort and commitment very high. The employees are responsible for our recognition in the sector as a customer-oriented company. At Unísono we work with people from all backgrounds,of all ages and with different qualifications, we are a plural and open team.

Our employees benefit from flexible timetables, complementary training, different initiatives to increase their motivation, an internal promotion program, and constant working condition studies so that they can express their level of satisfaction and present areas for improvement where we can make changes.

People who are qualified to carry out the type of service they provide. Our values as a company are transmitted to the team: flexibility, anticipation, a pro-active approach, the will to excel, integrity and honesty, amongst others.

The training process is an ongoing program, which starts as soon as an employee joins the company. Initially the objective is to learn about the company, the service offered and the working tools. Also, our teams receive training to improve the way they provide the service and to adapt to changes. At Intelcia we provide our employees with an ongoing corporate training plan that covers all of their different areas of interest, which is designed to help develop and motivate our teams.

All recruitment processes start by clearly defining the type of people we are looking for, based on the profile required for the service in question. We do this jointly with our clients to ensure that we are adapted to their needs.

Once the profile has been defined, the recruitment process starts, based on traditional sources such as agreements with other entities or references from our employees, through to large-scale methods such as Internet employment sites.

The selection process consists of a series of stages: defining profiles, adjusting applicants to the profiles, carrying out objective tests and specific tests, interviews and group dynamic tests. The entire process is personalized according to the requirements of each type of service.

We have grown constantly since 1999 in terms of our numbers of work centers, staff, clients and turnover. In 2021 we ended the year with a turnover of 700 million euros and look forward to futher growth in 2022.

These investments have been made in innovation and technology (Business Analytics, Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring and our own development projects), as well as renovating our facilities. All of these investments have led to improvements in operations with our clients.

Our business model is based on anticipation, flexibility, professionalism and rigor, which is evident in the commitment we acquire with the business objectives of our clients so that in this way the best results are achieved. In this business philosophy, quality management, the application of best practices, and the control and improvement of our activities are key.

Our quality approach has a triple focus: we measure the quality issued, the perceived quality and establish external quality controls.

One of the most significant external evaluations in the sector are those obtained in the framework of the Awards for Excellence in Customer Service (CRC de Oro), after the evaluation and audit process, an operational and corporate report is issued that allows us to know our positioning in Spain regarding:

  • Corporate management

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Operations management

All of our clients positively value our ability to adapt to the needs of their company, the transparency and visibility of all of our operations, our proactive approach (suggesting improvements and key aspects for optimization), the good communication and consultancy services, and the speed with which we solve problems. All of this helps to make us a strategic partner.

Intelcia is a multinational company that focuses on improving the experience of its clients in all of the different aspects of its relations: consulting, business process services (BPS) and multi-channel contact centers. As a strategic partner, at Intelcia we generate value layers with end to end process management.

Intelcia applies its experience and knowledge to efficiently organize the outsourcing of its clients’ business processes, using the most suitable technological tools. We have extensive experience in BPS:

  • Financial management: collections, payments, banks.

  • Clients/suppliers: invoicing (verification and payment), orders, returns, updating of files.

  • Employees: payrolls, expenses, other procedures.

  • Document management: digitalization, storage, archiving, mailing, e-mail management, sms.

  • Incident management.

  • Collection management: controlling due dates, scoring, debt surveillance.

  • Etc.

We start by analyzing the processes in depth, then redefining them with the focus on achieving efficiency and optimization.

The Contact Center Service we offer at Intelcia is aimed at providing integral multi-channel management for customers throughout their entire lifecycle. We accompany our clients throughout the whole relationship with their customers, from start to finish: capturing, attention, gaining their loyalty, and retention.

Our consulting service encompasses everything from defining processes for continuous improvement and re-engineering them.

As customer experience leaders, we:

  • Advise our clients on different types of processes (sales, customer experience, business, etc.).

  • Stand out from our competitors thanks to our commitment to implanting and testing our operations.

  • Contribute value to the operations of more than 95 clients in different sectors.

We organize our services in the following areas:

  • Business Analytics

  • Multi-channel operations

  • Human capital

  • Technology

  • Optimization

  • Customer experience

  • Robotization

From the outset we set ourselves the goal of being the first in terms of customer satisfaction, and of having a significant market share in the medium term. We have achieved all of this and continue to work towards these goals, as well as on projects for improving the customer experience, efficiency and end-to-end processes.

Our company is based on innovation, flexibility, adapted methodology, diligence, professionalism and precision. We apply all of this to managing processes, technological solutions and our human capital.

We identify ourselves through values such as honesty, integrity, a pro-active approach, anticipation, flexibility, commitment and continuous improvement. The client and the results are our reason for existing.

"Passion for detail, for innovation and technology, but above all passion for our customers".

On basing our management model on precision, flexibility, personalization and innovation. We are especially proud of the professional quality of our work. At Intelcia we are fully committed to achieving excellence in everything we do. All of our professionals receive specialized training, our processes are certified by the ISO. We also form a part of the pioneering organizations in customer experience (DEC and AEC).

We have become strategic partners with our clients thanks to the consultancy-based approach we apply to our work, together with flexibility as one of the cornerstones of the company’s daily work, in order to provide the right response to different operational requirements.

What sets our company apart from others is that our consultancy services are supported by our extensive experience in implementing projects, processes consisting of direct lines, voice connections and data connections, experience in creating technology for our clients, the ability to make technological investments, the capacity for innovation, and having more than 15 years’ experience in the specific management of Call Center technology.

The majority of the benefits we provide are tangible, as they are measured and control all of the services (KPIs): these benefits, which have also been highlighted by our clients, include the following:

  • Optimizing management costs while maintaining the quality of service and customer experience.

  • Increasing sales in a sustained manner.

  • Innovating in types of service, using cutting edge technology.

  • Dealing with unexpected challenges (such as increased call volumes, with the flexibility to respond to constant changes in our clients’ business).

  • Having information on line and on time in order to facilitate decision-making processes in companies.

The main benefit for our clients is knowing that they can rely on an experienced, professional team that is committed to providing the optimum service.

Our policies cover different operational areas, based on the cornerstones of people, processes and technology. Our main policies are:

Outsourcing offers opportunities; by outsourcing we give experts the freedom to focus on managing the core aspects of their business. Professionalized management offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Multi-sector visibility

  • Accessing the best practices and experiences

  • Flexibility in management

  • Implantation of the latest technology

  • Variability and reduction of costs

  • Capacity to deal with new challenges and begin new projects

We serve clients from all over the world from our offices. Our services are multilingual in all relationship channels.

By implanting methodologies (processes), taking advantage of technology (Business Analytics) and having properly trained human resources (sales team schools); these three actions can contribute towards improving impacts with customers and transforming them into sales.

At Intelcia we also have specific programs that take advantage of new technologies and omnichannel experiences, as well as programs to generate leads and open up new sales opportunities for our clients. We also offer the analytical perspective from our consultancy department, to analyze root causes, the organization of services and other methods of maximizing sales.

The current omnichannel environment means that you first have to determine the interaction strategy to be used, identifying all of the points of contact with actual or potential customers.

Intelcia supports an objective service model in an omnichannel environment which is adapted to all of the clients’ needs, throughout the value chain and lifecycle. By doing so we promote a unified vision of the client, improving their global experience.

We help our clients to design the way they will approach an omnichannel experience, which basically consists of the following:

  • Analyzing the relational model, defining the “customer journey”, analyzing the required channels and adapting them in the service provision.

  • Analyzing the operational model.

  • Designing how the omnichannel experience will be managed.

Through our consultancy-based approach, we repeatedly deal with this challenge that faces our clients. The initial model is structured around these working areas, where we then apply our executive approach:

  • Segmentation strategies

  • Offer

  • Sales methodology

  • Knowledge management

  • Motivation and incentives

  • Performance management

Based on our experience, there are two key factors in improving quality results: working on the quality provided and quality perceived, and guaranteeing that they are at the same level.

As a result, in order to improve customer satisfaction it is necessary to implement a series of actions:

  • Knowing their expectations

  • Working with each member of the team on specific programs adapted to meeting expectations

  • Adapting and altering the processes

  • Providing the service with the necessary tools and technologies for monitoring and measurement purposes (quality monitoring in our case)

  • Training the team

There are several ways of improving FCR and reducing callback. Improving FCR increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Our experience has shown us that this aspect has to be approached from different key areas:

  • Modeling of the information

  • The automation of processes

  • Choosing multi-channel services

  • Quality plans for each service

  • Differential call routing

As we know, the Average Handling Time (AHT) is affected by numerous factors: the training the team has received, how the processes are modeled, access to information, and of course their communicative skills.

At Intelcia we manage these projects in a personalized way. Our experience has shown that these are the key factors in reducing the AHT:

  • Analyzing, adapting, improving and shortening processes

  • Implanting technology

  • Training the team

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