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  • 11/2022 The challenge of labour loyalty

    María Pilar Barrios, our Country Manager of Intelcia Colombia, reflects on the concern of companies to understand our employees and provide them with suitable work environments with stable and formal opportunities for development and growth. The adaptation of organisations to generational changes is essential to offer better conditions that are in line with their expectations, which are varied and dynamic.

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  • 11/2022 For a hybrid telework model

    At Intelcia, we have set the satisfaction of our employees as our objective, which is why we have implemented a hybrid work model: 80% at home and 20% in the office. An efficient and automatic work model, 100% flexible. A project that has gone ahead thanks to the focus on people, both employees and customers. The result is greater satisfaction for both. It is undoubtedly a project of all for all.

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  • 11/2022 Excitement at a gala evening to recognize Excellence in Customer Relationship Management

    The big event in the sector took place on the night of November 23rd when the Excellence in Customer Relationship Awards took place, where more than 500 professionals gathered on Wednesday night, organised by the Spanish Association of Customer Relationship Experts (AEERC), IZO, and IFAES, as part of the 25th edition of Expo Customer Relationship. A night without a doubt, special where we had the recognition of awards in four categories: ERC Award to the Supplier with the Best Telephone Relationship with Iberdrola; ERC Award to the Supplier with the Best Digital Relationship with MAPFRE; Special Award for Innovation in Agent Support for E-voluciona By Intelcia and Customer Relationship Excellence Award to the Most Recommended Supplier.

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  • 11/2022 Talent Talks By Bus Up with Ana Cartón

    Ana Cartón, our Human Resources Director, analyses in the Talent Talks by Bus Up podcast how the satisfaction and commitment of the people who work in the company undoubtedly make a difference in the results. It is a review of the current digital talent landscape and an analysis of how companies adapt to the new demands of this type of profile to be attractive. It is vital to listen and understand what people prioritise and need and create policies that meet their needs.

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  • 11/2022 E-voluciona contributes 30% of Intelcia's customers. What is the reason for this impact?

    Since its foundation in 2015, E-voluciona By Intelcia has become an essential part of the company. Our innovation brand currently has a team of 40 professionals and has reached one of its main milestones in 2022 by encompassing over a hundred customers. In 2021 alone, E-voluciona incorporated 30% of Intelcia's global customers.

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  • 11/2022 Grupo Hartmann increases sales with predictive AI algorithms

    In E-volution by Intelcia, we have developed a predictive algorithms solution through our Smart Analytics area to increase cross-selling and up-selling of the Hartmann Group, a company specialised in the manufacture and marketing of medical devices and high-performance professional solutions. Thanks to this innovation, the sale of products per hour in the inbound call has increased by 38% and the average ticket of their outbound orders by 68%.

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  • 10/2022 Ready for change?

    About to turn one year old, the documentary LUZ by Intelcia is still a project of maximum actuality.

    This documentary, presented by Marc Vidal is an approach to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data from the most practical side. Because there is no doubt that this is a change, a new era that will modify our behavior in all areas of life.

    An approach to how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are transforming the world as we know it, through the opinion of the best professionals.

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  • 10/2022 Nuria Candia, new addition to the Spain & Latam region

    Nuria Candia joins the executive committee of the Spain & Latin America region as Growth Director. Her objective will be to work on the growth to position the company among the top ten players in the sector worldwide. To this end, the new director will seek alternatives to traditional development through clients, by identifying, analyzing and implementing growth opportunities for the company, with a focus on integration projects at national and international level. In addition, she will be responsible for coordinating the new openings of the different sites, such as the inauguration in the Dominican Republic.

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  • 10/2022 Intelcia, Silver for Best Customer Journey Design and Implementation in the DEC Chile Awards

    Intelcia Chile, together with our client Nespresso have been awarded in the DEC Chile Association Awards, Best Practices in Customer Experience with silver in the category of Best Design and Implementation of Customer Journey. This award is a recognition to the joint work of both teams, but also to how to understand the customer's business, as it is essential to design a joint and successful customer experience strategy. The work dynamics and the right choice of human resources are key to management. In the case of our collaboration with Nespresso, having the tools provided by the client has been a very important advantage.

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  • 10/2022 The ecosystem that will define the stores of the future is born

    Business Insider echoes the presentation of Retail News Trends, the new ecosystem of prestigious companies that offer their services to retailers and where Evoluciona By Intelcia is located. In the words of its president Laurenao Turienzo: "The novelty is that we are interconnected, and we have packages of services where we offer 360 degrees for a company".

    Our CEO, Antonio Díaz, as well as five other representatives of the companies that make up the ecosystem, had the opportunity to talk to us, in his case, about digital transformation and how the retail sector must use all the emerging technology to achieve an omnichannel experience that is as the current customer demands: simple and personalized.

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  • 10/2022 The challenge of labor loyalty

    In her monthly collaboration with the El Tiempo Blog, María del Pilar Barrios, Country Manager of Intelcia Colombia, reflects on the importance of talent and how companies must face the challenge of retaining it. From María Pilar's point of view, companies have two options. In the first place, to deliver the best to generate well-being and development in collaborators, contribute to form the workforce and train the leaders of tomorrow; and secondly, to continue building attractive, safe and reliable companies for workers.

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  • 10/2022 The technology sector in Spain: Talent drain and metaverse opportunities

    Antonio Díaz, in this opinion article published in the magazine Dirigentes Digital, brings us closer to the situation of the technological business network in Spain at present, where we find ourselves with the biggest drain of specialized talent. The entry of different technological tools such as the metaverse will accentuate this problem that not only companies will have to face, but also institutions and governmental organizations.

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  • 10/2022 E-voluciona contributes 30% of Intelcia's customers

    E-voluciona, Intelcia's innovation projects promoter, has an investment of 2 million euros destined to the research of new digital solutions, developing solutions through technology and artificial intelligence that allow to improve results and generate greater efficiency in management processes.

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  • 09/2022 Sandra Gibert “Th emerger has brought us new opportunities with key customers

    In her interview for Contact Center, our CEO, Sandra Gibert, reviews the most important milestones of the company in the last year, such as the consequences of the acquisition of Unísono by Intelcia last November 2021, the award to the project Comunicar es Liderar by the Observatorio de Comunicación Interna and what it has meant for all the people who make up the Intelcia family to be among the 75 best companies to work for in the Forbes list.

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  • 09/2022 Intelcia receives the IMPACT 2022 award for customer relations

    We have received from AEERC- Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relationships the Impact2022 Award for our relationship with customers (Documental LUZ): the actions we develop to improve our relationships with cutomers as “Documental LUZ” for example, makes the industry better known.

    "Today we want to recognise the dissemination and communication activities that the industries of our sector carry out because these actions add up and provide great value" the president José Francisco Rodríguez has declared.

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  • 09/2022 Blanca Moraleda new International Operations Director at Intelcia Spain & Latam

    Blanca has joined the Intelcia family as the new Director of International Operations. Blanca has a solid experience in international companies where she has led the transformation of multidisciplinary teams from different sectors. This experience allows her to bring value to her new functions as a manager from the point of view of outsourced operations, as well as the design and strategic operation of customer services, customer journey and customer experience (CX).

    Her extensive service vocation and customer focus have been key to her career in management roles in outsourced operations, as well as in the design and strategic operation of customer services, customer journey and customer experience (CX).

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  • 09/2022 Intelcia, Fundación “A la par” & Talengo, Madrid Empresa Flexible 2022 Awards

    We have received the Madrid Empresa Flexible 2022 Award in the large company category, which positions the company as one of the companies that most support employment initiatives for work-life balance.

    It is also the first time, in this XVIII edition of the awards, that a company in the customer management sector has received this recognition, thus highlighting the value of the contact center industry.

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  • 09/2022 Intelcia opens a new site in Medellín, Colombia

    In alignment with our growth objectives, in Intelcia Colombia, we have opened a new operations center that will generate more than 600 direct jobs in the city of Medellin.

    The new site will be located in the municipality of Sabaneta and will serve operations mainly for the telecommunications sector, managed by bilingual personnel for the U.S. market. It will also strengthen the management of services in the financial sector nationwide and the utilities sector for the offshore market.

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  • 07/2022 Intelcia inaugurates new headquarters in Madrid

    Last July 14, at the inauguration of the new site in Madrid, the OM building, we were able to share with our customers an important day: we showed our new offices, fully adapted to the needs of people, in terms of sustainability and well-being. We were also able to offer a preview of Intelcia's roadmap in all that concerns innovation with the immersive experience in the metaverse that they had the opportunity to enjoy. To this company, we also added the presence of a representative part of Intelcia's employees, with the management committee of Morocco at the head.

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  • 07/2022 Intelcia bets for the physical and the virtual in customer management.

    With the claim "Together We Build the Future", we have given way to a new stage in Intelcia where we wanted to show the union of the two worlds: the physical and the virtual, when facing new projects, both in the employee experience and in the relationship with customers. As innovators, we have spent years developing a pioneering work model in which physical barriers have been reduced, and digital tools are already a reality in collaborative environments. Now we are going a step further and starting to design a project that embraces the possibilities offered by digital tools such as the metaverse.

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  • 07/2022 Intelcia consolidates its presence in the Spanish market with the opening of its new headquarters in Madrid

    With 4300m2 of capacity, the OM building is a sustainable space with LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and WELL Building Standard certifications, two references to sustainability and the well-being and health of people, respectively. A space that reflects the spirit of Intelcia, its transparency, its drive for innovation, and its commitment to the people who work in this great family. A center at the forefront, a true generator of good ideas. Ideas lead us to build the future and face new projects at the forefront of innovation in Intelcia.

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  • 06/2022 Intelcia, sponsor in the Barcelona Customer Congress

    Last June 14 was held the seventh edition of the Barcelona Customer Congress. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to be silver sponsors of the hand of Antonio Diaz. He opened the presentation of "The customer service that only good people admit" with Victor Yanes, customer service manager and Pablo Rambla, director of customer support in Smart wall boxes

    The day was divided into three blocks where different presentations were made on Customer Service, Customer Experience and Employee Experience. The theme was "The art of relationships: pure emotion", an event where attendees could learn, meet and be inspired.

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  • 06/2022 Intelcia, bronze for the Best Outsourcing Company Operation in Latam Awards

    Thanks to its work and effort, Intelcia Colombia has been awarded the bronze for the "Best Outsourcing Company". The LATAM Awards to the "Best Organizations for Customer Interaction" is an annual recognition born to value and identify excellence in the best Customer Relationship companies. Today covers Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay.  The Latin American Alliance of Organizations for Customer Service, ALOIC, is responsible for organising and recognising companies worthy of such distinction.

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  • 06/2022 The perfect ingredients of customer service: robotics, personalization and proximity

    Antonio Díaz, CEO of Evoluciona by Intelcia, tells us in an opinion column how customer service is being transformed thanks to solutions such as robotisation and process automation. The transformation towards robotic automation is accelerating more and more in traditional and new industries. Given this scenario, it is time for companies, especially those of us dedicated to customer service, to put the recent focus on business continuity, automation being a way to achieve efficiencies and cost reduction, to reach the customer with a differential value proposition.

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  • 06/2022 Intelcia, Best Contact Center in Spain 2022 in the Platinum Awards 2022

    The thirteenth edition of the Platinum Awards organised by Contact Center Hub magazine was held on June 23rd. We were lucky enough to take the stage at the gala not just once but three times! We have been awarded the Best Contact Center 2022 Award. Still, we have also been on stage two more times thanks to the projects of E-voluciona by Intelcia: Best IT Project in Business Analytics and Best IT Project in Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Agents

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  • 05/2022 New digital models bet on innovation and technology

    With the title "Innovative culture, technology and lifelong learning as a business strategy, the key to drive a differential value proposition", Dir&Ge has organised a digital meeting between decision-makers of representative companies from different sectors, including Antonio Diaz, CEO of E-voluciona by Intelcia. The objective of this debate was to analyse the value of technology in the business transformation process.

    Adapting to new technological challenges by implementing technical solutions and having the human capital aligned with the business strategy is undoubtedly the greatest differential value a company can have today.

    Companies adopt new digital business models that bet on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, transforming the companies themselves, work dynamics, talent management and different leaderships.

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  • 05/2022 Intelcia Colombia wins three awards at the CX Interaction Awards 2022

    Company with Best Collection Strategy, Best Outsourcing Company Operation and Executive of the Year Award to Maria Pilar Barrios, local country manager. These three awards were given to Intelcia at the CX Interaction Awards 2022.

    The awards, which are given annually to companies from all sectors, highlight the work developed and the results the winning companies have made for their customers. In 2021 Intelcia was also awarded three recognitions and this year repeats one of them as the Gold Award for the Best Outsourcing Company Operation.

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  • 05/2022 Intelcia, one of the best companies to work for, according to the Forbes list

    The company, with almost 5,000 employees in Spain and 35,000 globally, has been selected as one of the best companies to work for in Spain.

    The strategy and actions developed by the HR department oriented to the development of talent, the promotion of training and the rise of the professional career, together with its recognised project <<Communicate is to Lead>> make Intelcia has been positioned as one of the best companies in the world of work.

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  • 04/2022 Intelcia, awarded for its Internal Communication Project

    Its project “Comunicar es Liderar” has been awarded by the Internal Communication Observatory to the Best Practices in Internal Communication category "Best system for measuring the effectiveness and impact of Internal Communication".

    With this project, Comunicar es Liderar, Intelcia aims to establish a model for employee relations.  An operations guide encompasses a structure with specific agents and responsibilities to organise and give value to the actions promoted by the company.

    The intention is to seek proactive communication that favours proximity among employees and consequently reduces absenteeism.

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  • 04/2022 These are the women who lead the CX

    Sandra Gibert, our CEO of Intelcia Spain & Latam, is among the women with the most relevant role in the contact center and customer experience sector.

    More and more women are leading CX companies, as indicated by the study on the situation of the contact center of the CEX Association, which shows that 71% of the people who make up the sector are women.

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