Solidarity arket for the Aymara women of Bolivia

New version of the solidarity market for the Aymara women of Bolivia

Unisono has once again joined CODESPA (NGO of Cooperation for the integral, economic, social and human development of the less fortunate people), to organize and carry out the recent edition of the solidary market in the facilities of its offices in C / Doctor Zamenhof.

At the open market for employees of Unisono Group, companies such as Corvus Barcelona, ​​Blue Banana, Couple & Pie, El Ganso, Compañia Fantástica, Burrito, Blanco, Bughambilia, Boboli, Cortefiel, Álvarez Gómez, Brodels, Jimmy Lion, Parfois, Pyrex, Valentina, Springfield, Women secret and Yerse joined this project by donating several products of their brands such as men's and women's clothing, household products, footwear and accessories to be put on sale in this new version of the solidarity market.

This market has raised around € 5,931, and will be allocated to the project "Kurmi, the pride of Aymara women", whose purpose is to support the ethnic crafts of Bolivia in the marketing of their products, so they can offer better conditions of life to their families.

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