Unisono Group signs an agreement with Uipath, a leading company in robotic automation

Unisono Group signs an agreement with Uipath, a leading company in robotic automation

Thanks to this agreement, Unisono Group has a technological and innovative partner, which provides greater precision and reliability on its operations.

Unisono and the world’s leading company in Process Robotics Automation (RPA), Uipath, have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of optimizing their clients' operations.

For both companies, the accuracy and reliability of the data is key, therefore, Unisono has found in Uipath a key partner to achieve efficient management of its clients. Uipath robots streamline work processes by automating multiple tasks, thus allowing agents to invest their time in other, more valuable tasks in the service.

Uipath is leading the "Automation First" era, advocating for a robot for each person, offering free and open training and collaboration, and allowing robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning. Guided by a commitment to bringing the skills of the digital age to more than a million people, the company’s RPA business platform has already automated millions of repetitive and tiresome tasks for business and government organizations around the world, improving productivity, customer experience and employee satisfaction.

In words of Sandra Gibert, General Manager of Unisono: “Personal skills, together with technology, bring a tandem of value to the company and help companies adapt continuously to a changing environment such as the current one. Robots and people together create the WOW effect on the final customer.

For his part, Jan Ursi, Vice-president of EMEA Associations at Uipath, said:

We are delighted to welcome Unisono as a trusted partner of Uipath and to bring hyperautomation to our joint clients. I am confident that the power of Unisono’s skills and expertise, combined with Uipath’s hyper-automation platform, will bring unique value to the market and help meet the growing demand for RPA, AI and digital transformation in the region.

Thus, the leading multinational business group in Contact Center, Consulting Services Management and Business Process Services (BPS), evolves and reinforces its digital transformation goal in the company, with the creation of its Robotics Centre of Excellence by the hand of Uipath.

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