Sandra Gibert, General Director

Unisono’s innovative value proposition

Unisono celebrates 20 years in the market and the Client Relationship Team wanted to interview Sandra Gibert, General Director of the Group, to talk about its evolution in the market throughout the years.

Client Relations: What is the key to the success of the company staying in the market so long and being so prosperous?

Sandra Gibert: The hallmark of the company is working to put the customer in the centre. That is one of the keys. The fact that we are all focused on the client, on improving their satisfaction, giving the best possible service, making sure we never make mistakes.

Another key is the team of professionals who form Unísono. We work with the best, and that makes the level of involvement, effort and commitment very high. And this is reflected in the service provided to our customers.

In addition, we cannot forget to highlight our company’s values. We have always enhanced long-term relationships, being very transparent, honest and trustworthy, making innovative value proposals that help our clients to transform their services. It is always positive for the client to see that we are one step ahead. 

Client relations: How has the growth of the company been managed, both in terms of personnel and work volume?

Sandra Gibert: Throughout the years we have been dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure success. We celebrated 20 years with a very solid team. In fact, several of the people in Unisono today, have been with us for the entire 20years. There are many people who have been with the company for 15 and 18 years. This has allowed us to have the basics very consolidated and be able to work successfully with the innovations that are being proposed.

(The complete interview in Spanish can be read in this pdf of number 80 of Mag Customer Relationship). 

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