8,5 vs 10 for motivated teams and more than 9.000 employees at Intelcia Spain & Latam.

25,000 resumes per year
Incorporation time less than 24 hours

200,000 hours of training per year
More than 280 specialized trainers
More than 2 million euros invested in training

Career plan
Flexilia Plan
Motivation: Gamification

This is how our teams are trained:

  • Initial training (immersion)
    Initial training (immersion)
  • Reinforcement training (improvement)
    Reinforcement training (improvement)
  • Adaptation training (updating)
    Nesting (updating)
  • Corporate training (development)
    Corporate training (development)


Global efficiency and effective management, thanks to a rigorous methodology.

Methodological rigor ensures that services are managed correctly.

Key factors for the success of the precise global management of operations.

Key factors

to optimize
in line with
the service.

Precise structure
for management,
procedures and

Administration of resources.
Quality service.
Meeting the defined objectives.

Monitoring each
teams work.
Guaranteeing maximum
quality in all

Management team.
Control of KPIs.

*Certified according to UNE-EN ISO 9001-2015

Relationship model

Key factors


We design and implement strategic solutions for different sectors.

Here you can learn about different success stories, and see how technology and personalized individualized service have enabled companies to reach their goals:


Since 1999 managing technology for Contact Centers.

Support 365days/24 hours
High redundancy to ensure service availability to any contingency.

We have introduced solutions in the operational management that help:

  • Be more effective in planning resources to achieve our clients’ objectives.
  • Help us and allow us to speed up the decision-making process.
  • Motivate sales teams.
  • Minimize costs.
  • Automate processes.
  • Implement coherent multi-channel strategies.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Deployed in numerous countries: Spain, Jordan, Italy, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.
  • Certificate of Technological Innovation Workspace Yunity by ENAC.
  • Tool designed by Intelcia, Yunity- Workspace is a modular, scalable web-based collaborative working environment.


We have a department dedicated to innovation that is structured around three main areas: Processes, Systems & Applications and Markets

  • By applying innovation to processes and applications, we are now more efficient in the way we carry out our daily work, both in Contact Centers and in structural areas.
  • We are pioneers in the sector in integrating a Workforce Management tool in our operations. We have digitized our most administrative processes and use a Business Intelligence tool not only to exploit information, but also to create business intelligence models that we apply to our operations.
  • We innovate in creating new products, analyzing potential markets and constantly defining services that provide outstanding value to our current and future clients.
  • With regard to quality technology, we have a Quality Monitoring tool that allows us to offer our clients the automation, standardization and online tracking of the quality levels offered in services, in order to be able to make decisions quickly and objectively.


Focused on precision in process management, in the implantation of technological solutions, measuring indicators, and personnel management.

  • This concept defines the way we work towards improving the customer experience.
  • Optimum results in terms of efficiency and quality in customer management mark the difference in the way Intelcia provides its services.
  • We identify the most important aspects in each process, each decision and each proposal.
  • The degree of precision we apply to our operations has resulted in a net operational satisfaction score from our clients of 91.7%, in 1.7 million euros in sales for our clients in one year, and in handling 34 million calls. We offer the very highest level of personalization after examining databases in detail, increasing productivity and achieving a backlog that is adapted to the client’s needs.

Service implementation

  • Definition
  • Set Up
  • Testing
  • Service Delivery
  • Control & Continuous Improvement
• Completion of the Project Plan, including IT, HR, infrastructures, and operational and contingency processes.
• Dimensioning the service.
• Recruitment and training the team.
• Defining IT: connectivity and tools.
• Testing infrastructures and tools.
• Evaluating the team.
• Labs & Pilot projects.
• Quality plan.
• Evaluation and operational control.
• Reporting: producing management reports.
• Adapting and improving tools.
• Quality monitoring and calibrations.
• Action Plans ad hoc for improvements.
• Implementation of best practices .
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